● ● ● ● ● ● Skyliners coaches Josh Babb and Pam May won the 2018 PSA Developmental Coach of the Year Award. PSA also nominated Josh for its 2018 Choreographer of the Year Award. Congratulations, Josh and Pam! ● ● ● Congratulations, Adam Rippon -- 2018 Dancing with the Stars Champion! ● ● ● Click here to join SCNY or renew your membership for the 2018-19 season! ● ● ● Please reserve an ad for your favorite skater, coach or team in this year's SCNY Annual Yearbook. The deadline for placing ads is June 5th. ● ● ● Thirteen SCNY members competed at the 2018 US Adult Figure Skating Championships in Marlborough, Massachusetts winning medals is six events. Congratulations, SCNY adult skaters! ● ● ● Skyliners Senior placed ninth in their very-first ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Stockholm, Sweden. Congratulations, Skyliners! ● ● ● Congratulations Skyliners Junior - 2018 ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating silver medalists - the first-ever medal of any color by a US team at Junior Worlds! We are so proud of you! Fellow Team USA members Lexettes placed sixth, their highest-ever finish. Congratulations, Lexettes! ● ● ● Congratulations Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) - 2018 ISU World Junior Figures Skating silver medalists in ice dance! Fellow ice dancers Chloe Lewis (All Year FSC) and Logan Bye (SCNY) placed seventh. ● ● ● Congratulations Maia and Alex Shibutani - Olympic bronze medalists in ice dance and the team event! We are so proud of you!! ● ● ● Congratulations Adam Rippon, Maia and Alex Shibutani, and the rest of the US Olympic figure skating squad on their BRONZE medal in the team event! ● ● ● Congratulations Skyliners Junior - 2017 and 2018 US Synchronized Skating national champions! ● ● ● Congratulations Skyliners Senior line, Skyliners Novice - 2018 US Synchronized Skating national champions! ● ● ● Congratulations Skyliners Juvenile and Intermediate lines - 2018 US Synchronized Skating SILVER medalists! ● ● ● Congratulations Adam Rippon, Vincent Zhou and Nathan Chen on three top-ten performances at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics - 10th, 6th and 5th! ● ● ● Congratulations Nadine Wang (SCNY) and Spencer Howe (LAFSC) on winning SILVER at their first international, the 2018 Mentor Torun Cup in Torun, Poland! ● ● ● Congratulations Skyliners Junior - SILVER medalists at the 2018 ISU French Cup in Rouen, France! ● ● ● Congratulations Ashley Cain (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) on winning SILVER at the 2018 Four Continents Championships in Taipei City. Ice dancers Alexander Gamelin (SCNY) and Yura Min placed seventh, representing South Korea. SCNY member Grant Hochstein placed eleventh in the men's event. ● ● ● Congratulations Skyliners Senior on winning SILVER at the 2018 ISU Mozart Cup in Salzburg. Go Team USA! ● ● ● Congratulations Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) -- 2018 US Figure Skating junior dance champions! Congratulations Chloe Lewis (All Year FSC) and Logan Bye (SCNY) on winning BRONZE! ● ● ● Congratulations Maia and Alex Shibutani on their SILVER medal in senior dance at Nationals! ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY members Adam Rippon and Ashley Cain (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) on winning PEWTER in the senior men's and pairs events! Congratulations fellow SCNY members Grant Hochstein and Haven Denney (SCNY) and Brandon Frazier (All Year FSC) on placing fifth in those same events. ● ● ● Congratulations Nadine Wang (SCNY) and Spencer Howe (LAFSC) on winning PEWTER in junior pairs at the 2018 US Figure Skating Championships! Congratulations Violeta Ushakova on winning novice ladies BRONZE, and Dalila DeLaura (SCNY) and Ryan Xie (SC Central NJ) on winning juvenile pairs BRONZE! ● ● ● Congratulations Skyliners Senior and Junior -- 2018 ISU Cup of Berlin Champions! Go Team USA! ● ● ● Congratulations Maia and Alex Shibutani on winning BRONZE at the 2017 ISU Grand Prix Final in Nagoya, Japan! Congratulations Adam Rippon on placing fifth in the men's event. Fellow TEAM USA member Nathan Chen won GOLD. ● ● ● Congratulations Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) on winning SILVER at the 2017 ISU Junior Grand Prix Final! We are so proud of you! ● ● ● Congratulations to SCNY member Kyoko Ina and John Zimmerman and Michael Weiss on being elected to the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame! ● ● ● Congratulations Adam Rippon on winning SILVER and Maia and Alex Shibutani on winning GOLD at Grand Prix Skate America, and on earning spots at the 2017 ISU Grand Prix Final December 7-10 in Nagoya, Japan! ● ● ● Congratulations Adam Rippon on winning SILVER at the 2017 ISU NHK Trophy in Osaka, Japan! ● ● ● Congratulations Maia and Alex Shibutani on winning GOLD at the 2017 ISU Grand Prix Rostelecom Cup in Moscow! ● ● ● Congratulations Adam Rippon on placing second in the free skate and third overall at the 2017 ISU Challenger Series Finlandia Cup in Espoo, Finland! Fellow Team USA member Vincent Zhou won silver. Go Team USA! ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY member Alexia Paganini on winning BRONZE at the 2017 Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, Germany, competing this season for Switzerland! ● ● ● Congratulations Alexander Gamelin (SCNY) and Yura Min on placing fourth in ice dancing at Nebelhorn, thus securing an ice dancing spot for South Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics! ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY member Paige Conners and her partner Evgeni Krasnopolski on winning a pairs spot for Israel at the 2018 Winter Olympics by placing eighth overall at Nebelhorn. ● ● ● Congratulations Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) on winning GOLD at BOTH JGP Salzburg, Austria AND JGP Minsk, Belarus, thus qualifying for the 2017 Junior Grand Prix Final December 7-10 in Nagoya, Japan! ● ● ● ● ● ●
The US Figure Skating National Championship will be held January 22 to 29 in San Jose. SCNY will be very well represented. Our Club skaters are:
Senior Ladies:    Joelle Forte, Samantha Caesario
Senior  Men:      Adam Rippon
Senior  Pairs:     Felicia Zhang
Senior  Dance:   Maia Shibutani
Junior Men:       Emmanuel Savary
Junior Dance:    Danielle Gamelin & Alexander Gamelin
Junior Pairs:      Christine Mozer 
Novice Ladies:   Olivia Serafini
Novice Men:      Jimmy Ma, James Schetelich   
Novice Pairs:     Lianna Thomas  & Gene Fu
Novice Dance:   Karen Tong


The Skyliners went to the Colonial Classic in Lowell, Mass this weekend and came home with an impressive collection of medals against some of the best teams in the country.  These results only tell part of the story.
Pre-Juvenile started the competition right by winning their group on Friday night and earning the first gold medal of the competition.  The Junior competition was a featured event because it was also the Junior World Qualifier awarding the top two teams the right to represent the United States at the Junior World Challenge Cup (JWCC) in Goteborg, Sweden.  The junior girls gave a great performance of their Lady GaGa short program and earned 49.61 and were sitting in third place by 0.22 behind Team Braemar and the Lexettes. 
On Saturday, our Novice (50.66) and Intermediate (49.53) lines competed in difficult divisions and each finished fifth.  Then our Pre-Pre and Preliminary lines put on wonderful performances and showed that the organization has great skills and a long pipeline of talented skaters.  Each earned a gold medal. 
Saturday evening returned to the Juniors.  Our skaters stepped onto the biggest stage of the season and gave their best performance in the free skate. Their Black Swan enchanted the judges who awarded them 112.83, and a combined score of 162.44.  This moved the Skyliners into First, 1.2 points ahead of Team Braemar, who will join them in Sweden.  The night wasn't over for the Skyliners as the Senior line skated their short program, earning 48.03, and second place. 
Those who stayed for great skating on Sunday saw the Juvenile line's terrific performance as they were awarded the Silver medal.  Senior finished out the competition with their long program that many will remember as a lesson on what to do "if the lights go out in the middle of your performance."  After stopping just before their lifts, the Skyliners had a 20 minute delay and finished their program earning an impressive 88.80 for a total of 136.83 and second place.
Junior - Won the Junior World Qualifier and will go to the JWCC as USA1
Pre-Preliminary - Gold
Preliminary - Gold
Pre-Juvie - Gold
Juvenile - Silver
Senior - Silver
Intermediate - Fifth
Novice - Fifth
Congratulations to all the skaters.  Thank you to the Coaches and our parent volunteers for a great weekend.
Next stop, Easterns when we will turn Hershey, PA into "Skyliners Country".
Go Skyliners!
ALSO We don't want to forget our other SCNY Synchro lines who also got off to a good start:
Open Adult – Bronze
Pre Juv – 11th
Open Juv – 10th
Good going and congratulations to all on a job well done!
Saturday 1/7, 5pm at Bryant Park
The Olympic cast included emcees JoJo Starbuck and Timothy Goebel and with performances by Emily Hughes, Kimmie Meissner, Nicole Bobek, Melissa Gregory and Denis Petchukov. All net profits from show will benefit Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline And Support Program. Check out Sarah and Emily Hughes' Blog.
To donate money please make checks payable to Iced Pink inc and mail to: Iced Pink inc., c/o Law Office of Nancy T. Sherman P.C., 1010 Northern Blvd, Suite 208, Great Neck NY, 11021. Donations can also be sent via paypal by logging into your paypal account and clicking second top tab "SEND MONEY" to icedpink2010@gmail.com.
*** Iced Pink inc is a 501 (c)(3) charity, donations are tax deductible.  
Click here to see the event on Bryant Park website

Club member Sean Conlon won the Silver medal for the Intermediate Men at Junior National Championships with a free skate highlighted by a double Axel-double toe combination.  Darbie Burke and Griffin Schwab won the Pewter medal in Juvenile Pairs. Congratulations to them and to all of our Junior National Competitors!

The 2012 U.S. Junior Figure Skating Championships will be taking place December 10 - 14th in East Lansing, Michigan. Twelve SCNY skaters will be competing:
Intermediate Ladies - Lyra Katzman, Hannah Peterson
Intermediate Men - Sean Conlon, Noah Krupnick
Juvenile Girls - Emmy Ma, Kim Cheremsky
Juvenile Boys - Larry Loupolover, Alexander Hall, Ben McDonough, Davis Tong
Juvenile Pairs; Darbie Burke & Griffin Schwab
The 2012 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships were held on November 15 - November 19, 2011 in Jamestown, NY. Fifteen SCNY skaters medaled and will be moving on to Nationals. Congratulations to all of our skaters and good luck to those who are going to Nationals or Junior Nationals.
For the list of skaters who qualified for Nationals click read more
Senior Ladies
2 Samantha Cesario
3 Joelle Forte
Senior Pairs
2  Felicia Zhang
    Nathan Bartholomay, University of Delaware FSC
Junior Ladies
1 Nicole Rajic
Junior Men
3 Emmanuel Savary
Junior Pairs
1 Christine Mozer

   Daniel O'Shea, Skokie Valley SC
Junior Dance
4 Danielle Gamelin
   Alexander Gamelin
Novice Dance
4  Karen Tong 

    David Cruikshank, Windy Hill SC
Novice Ladies
3 Olivia Serafini
Novice Men
2  Jimmy Ma
3  James Schetelich
Novice Pairs
3  Lianna Thomas 
Gene Fu
Juvenile Pairs
1 Darbie Burke 

   Griffin Schwab
The 2012 North Atlantic Regional Figure Skating Championships were held Oct. 14 -18, 2011 in Amherst NY. Ninety seven skaters represented SCNY and 20 of our skaters medaled.
Click more to see the list of SCNY Regional Medalists.
Senior Ladies
1st - Abby Kimmelman
3rd - Amber Walczyk
4th - Amelia Xu
Senior Men
2nd - Sam Dafoe
Junior Ladies
3rd - Katia Shpilband
4th - Nicole Rajic
Junior Men
1st - Emmanuel Savary
2nd - Matej Silecky
Novice Ladies
1st - Olivia Serafini
3rd - Adrianna Gonera
4th - Brianna Brazee
Novice Men
1st - James Schetelich
2nd - Jimmy Ma
Intermediate Ladies
3rd - Lyra Katzman
4th - Hannah Peterson
Intermediate Men
2nd - Sean Conlon
Juvenile Girls
1st - Emmy Ma
Juvenile Boys
1st - Larry Loupolover
2nd - Alexander Hall
3rd - Ben McDonough

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