Congratulations to our 2020 Eastern and Midwestern Sectional Singles Finals and 2020 U.S. Dance and Pairs Finals champions. We are so proud of you!

Jimmy Ma Eastern Sectional Senior Men Gold
Rena Ikenishi Eastern Sectional Senior Ladies Pewter
Olivia Serafini
and Mervin Tran
U.S. Senior Pairs Final Gold
Eva Pate (Strongsville SC)
and Logan Bye
U.S. Senior Dance Final Gold
Oona Brown
and Gage Brown
U.S. Junior Dance Final Pewter
Helena Carhart and
Volodymyr Horovyi (All Year FSC)
U.S. Novice Dance Final Silver
Ava Ziegler Eastern Sectional Intermediate Ladies Silver
Zachary LoPinto Midwestern Sectional Juvenile Boys Bronze
Dalila DeLaura and
Antonio Monaco (SC Morris)
U.S. Juvenile Pairs Final Silver
Emily Renzi (SC So. NJ)
and Zachary LoPinto
U.S. Juvenile Pairs Final Bronze
Sylvia Li (Ice House NJ FSC)
Rowan Le Coq
U.S. Juvenile Dance Final Gold